Our purpose, stated simply, is to leverage companies to try to help others as much as possible. We view companies as tools through which we can positively impact the lives of others and our shared environment in a sustainable and effective way.


  • Early Stage Start-up Investing

    Today’s startups will shape the world we live in tomorrow. With over ten years of experience in angel investing and mentoring, we strive to empower ambitious founders to realize their dreams.

    We are attracted towards endeavors that – although extremely risky – have the potential to drastically improve the lives of more than a billion beings. Great technological leaps forward, from the development of new industrial materials to enabling life on other planets, require an incredible amount of resources and have a low success rate. Nevertheless, we find these endeavors extremely exciting, and necessary.

  • Strengthening Our Portfolio


    • real estate

    • travel & tourism

    • manufacturing

    • early childhood education

    • Food & Nutrition

Investment Values:

  1. sincere & OPen relationships

  2. Scalability beyond borders

  3. Investing in technology

  4. Validating Assumptions

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